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copynthat services.


Crafted copy for your business

Right let me reel off some things that'll help you out:

Blog posts, social media pieces, articles, newsletters, podcast scripts, live commentary...

I could go on, but I'm not going to give it ALL away for free...

Oooooooooo who wrote that?

Probably me, but you wouldn't know it. I write posts, blogs and articles for founders and race series and adopt their specific tone of voice in the process. This makes my work indistinguishable from their previous content.


landing pages

I'll make your website copy flow like the aero on an Adrian Newey car

Newey has some unconventional ideas, but they flippin' work. 

My copy is the same: beneath the daft haircut and the memes are fundamental strategies to leave your reader no chance but to take action.

industry examples


Formula 1

- Social media copy
- Podcast scripts/outlines

- Live race commentary on socials
- Blog and article writing



- Live LAN event commentary
- Player interviews/articles
- Game reviews/analysis
- News and upcoming releases



- Product reviews/announcements
- Live event commentary
- Article/blog creation
- Industry news/rumours

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