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Cyberpunk’s villain arc might be coming to an end

Quick rule of thumb: Stick Idris Elba in something and I’ll probably pay attention.

The same can be said for 2020’s biggest flip/flop release.

From record-breaking pre-order numbers to being removed from the PlayStation Store amidst a disastrous release, it’s fair to say Cyberpunk hasn’t had the easiest of paper rounds.

So, it was a mixed bag of responses when CDPR announced the one and only expansion would be released this September.

Update 2.0 ships for free on 21 September to PC and next-gen players (last-gen is no longer being supported by CDPR, which could be an indication the new update will be much more capable on newer machinery). Players will receive update 2.0 for free, five days before the release of Phantom Liberty, which will set you back £25 when 26 September rolls around.

You don’t need Phantom Liberty to enjoy the new features from update 2.0.

Some are criticising CDPR for trying to pry more money out of the hands of hopeful fans of the series after the base game’s initial release was… messy, to say the least.

As I’m sure we all know by now, the game was riddled with bugs, virtually unplayable on last-gen and lacked the polish expected from such a well-respected studio. After all, this game is from the same folk that made The Witcher 3. Yeah, big shoes to fill…

Worse still, when the marketing embargo lifted, reviewers were under strict guidelines to only use set, pre-determined gameplay captured on PC. So consumers had no idea how the game would look or feel on console until they laid down their own money. That’s sus, don’t ya think?

credit to @SKizzleAXE

Well, CDPR agreed. They acknowledged their embargo approach wasn’t ethical and unknowingly triggered the standard behaviour for the next three years of game releases — apology posts.

In what’s become a cornerstone in AAA title releases, the biggest studios in the world have followed suit in hanging their head in shame at their shoddy releases.

Halo, The Last of Us, Battlefield, Star Wars… Chances are, if it’s from a big studio and released within the last three years, you can probably find one of these apology posts from the developers.

And who could forget this year’s most hyped game — Lord of the Rings — Gollum?!

I’m joking of course. That looks and feels like a very, very late-to-release PS2 game. It’s baffling that it even got signed off to be made in the first place, but I digress.

So, back to Mr. Elba.

You’re telling me I can play a AAA title with Keanu Reeves AND Idris Elba featuring?

Take. My. Money.

No, but they will have to take it again because I refunded my copy. Being on PS4 at the time of release was rough.

If the rumours are true, this update and content drop should be making Cyberpunk the game it should have been at launch, just almost three years late.

Will you be picking up Cyberpunk and its new update or have you loyally remained team Johnny Silverhand since its release? Let me know.

P.S. I would let Judy ruin my life, respectfully.


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