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Apple is running out of innovation

It’s the morning after the night before.

Apple Day.

Was Tim Cook-ing, or was it 90 minutes of classic Apple green-washing and wordy jargon?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Apple enjoyer.

The whole ‘ecosystem’ thing is contagious. My pooch runs around with an AirTag rattling on his harness. Need I say more?

I’ve watched dozens of their events. I recall taking my iPad to a pub quiz to tune into the release of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar back in 2016 (we didn’t win that quiz — something about one of the team members being distracted..?).

In my defense, I was in the market for a new computer, so put your pitchforks down and stop calling me an Apple sheep. 🐑

Last night’s event had some great moments. There was this amusing skit with Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature, which gave Tim the chance to brag about their eco achievements and goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. Lovely stuff.

But take that away, and it was quite light on content. Two tiny upgrades to the Apple Watch lineup and the same for the iPhone. And that was it.

Naturally, it’s impossible to switch off my marketing noggin, so I took some notes. Notes on things only Apple can get away with because they are Apple.

📱 After announcing the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, they came out with some of the laziest and done-before marketing we’ve ever seen.

‘A bigger screen means there’s more space to read your content’… Yeah, no shit. Just like every ‘Plus’ iPhone that has been released since 2014…

💽 On revealing their ‘new’ processing chip, they claim it has ’19 billion transistors’ before swiftly moving on.

What use is that stat to a regular consumer? It’s not relatable or even comprehendible. It’s the verbal equivalent of flexing your tiny biceps in the mirror, Schwarzenegger-style.

📸 Their cameras make ‘10,000 micro-adjustments a second’, apparently.

Woop-di-doo. So what? Can I point my phone at my dog and have a super cute photo come out the other side? Yes? Good, that’ll do me.

I get some people are well into their photography with iPhones, and the cameras are really impressive. But if the number of transistors or bigger screen size are your main features, it’s clear the new iPhone 15 really doesn’t have much going for it that the 14 didn’t already have.

However, I did still love the event. They really know how to market themselves and make their products irresistible.

Overall, I’d rate it 🍎/10.

Only Apple can get away with barely scratching the surface of the benefits to their users. People will always buy Apple products (including myself) because they’re Apple.

Maybe I’m cynical. What did you think of the event? Will you be buying the new Apple Watch or iPhone?

P.S. Who else noticed the OG iPhone on the desk during Sribalan’s segment? 👀

Nice touch.

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