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The man, the mullet, the moustache

This receding hairline is the key to your business' success

Go on, let me simp for you.

I'm Lewis Houghton, creator of 

I'll implement the science and the flair all at once to deliver results to you and your business.

Yeah... you could say I'm a simp. A copy simp. 
People convert customers into taking action using copynthat

I've always loved flirting with definitions and sounds to see how much I can extract from a simple word. I'll implement this into your business to ensure your brand is grabbing everyone where it counts (their 16-digit card number, expiry and CVV).

If this sounds sad, sure, that may well be the case. But who better to hire for your words than a fella whose life has been engulfed by words? Bucket loads of them. Big buckets, too. 

Having studied at the University of Leeds and graduating in English language and linguistics, I have the knowledge and skills of written and spoken language, down to how the smallest sound is produced in your little ol' mouth. Nice. 

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